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Friday, 15 August 2014

20,000 Yazidi's Rescued

Isis, the Islamic terrorist group, are moving over to into a remote part of Iraq and threatening the "Yazidi" communities that have been trapped.

Some rumours abound that this region is lucrative in "gas" supplies.

The Kurd's have been able to save many of these Yazidi's. They are a peculiar sect hated by Islam. This sect may well be traced back to the 20 plus Jews of Arabia which settled in Medina before the time of the Prophet Muhammed. They may have adopted aspects of their religion from the mixing of these Jews (who come from Sadducees and Sephardic and possibly other minority groups).

With all of the death and destruction going on in Syria and Iraq, it is nice to see some of these people rescued and have their lives spared from the "politics" being played in the area by Western powers.

The moment 20,000 Yazidi & Christians rescued by Kurdish Fighters from Sinjar Mountains (English)

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