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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Christian Patriarchs of the East appeal to the West

The Christian Patriarchs of the East appeal to the international community to help safeguard the future of minority Christian groups in Syria and Iraq.

Christians are being persecuted by the Islamic group, ISIS in the region. This terror group is funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and supported militarily from Israel, Britain, France, Germany and United States. British forces and Israelis have been training them in Jordan. Their boss is a Jew (Source: Veterans Today). The morons who slaughter millions in Iraq and Syria are working for Zion. These morons are high on drugs. They are given drugs before they commit their genocidal acts in Syria and Iraq. These operations are similar to mind control experiments undertaken in the US called MKultra where people were lured off the street by prostitutes and given drugs in mind control experiments funded by black operations within the CIA budgets.

The goal is the defeat of Assad and his regime and to prevent an alternative gas pipeline which they were endeavouring to build with Iran. This would have consequences for the Rothschilds whom are a "heretical sect" of Judaism. Zionism was heresy for centuries and rejected by the Orthodox Jews.

The fate of Ephraim will be judged alongside the remnant of Syria. The fortress of Great Britain will be removed once Syria falls. Hosea says Great Britain will lie in a ruinous heap. Those who profess the destruction of Syria is biblical outlined as a modern fulfilment must equally recognise the destruction of Ephraim in Hosea. And the eventual destruction of half of Jerusalem in Zechariah. We must oppose Zionism and Jews who support this diabolical doctrine. We should work towards peace, not armed conflict and endless war.

Christian Patriarchs of the East Visit Kurdistan, Appeal to International Community for Help

Thank you Obama! Thank you Zionists. Thank you for refusing to Highlight the Plight of Christians

Christians are being beheaded and crucified by jihadists: Backed by the United States..?

To see what the Christians are up against, there is a video made by Russian reporters. Note, it is graphic and not suitable for people who are easily offended. It is:

18+ not for shock, very graphic! Syria | The Scenes Which Are Not Being Broadcasted in mainstream

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