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Saturday, 16 August 2014

John Lewis, Subject to Jewish Boycotts, now Promoting the Hijab to Schools

John Lewis Department Store, which owns Waitrose, was previously subject to Jewish boycotts for false rumours circulating by a Rabbi that the store was considering boycotting Israeli goods.

Such was the hysteria that the store lost much Jewish business with many cancelled orders.

Now, the store, is promoting the Hijab to school children. They are promoting "Islamic extremism" in the eyes of many with fundamental Christians vowing to boycott the company (along with Travel Lodge).

The founder of John Lewis, is thought to be Jewish by the KGB research team.

From the KBG:


Yes, John Spedan Lewis, the founder of John Lewis Partnership, was born in England into a Jewish family.

Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 05:07PM GMT


Back in 2009, The Jewish Chronicle writes in John Lewis quashes false boycott claim,

Department store John Lewis has moved to quash an allegation in a Jewish freesheet claiming that it was considering a boycott of Israel goods.

The false claim was made in an article in the Jewish News by Mill Hill rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, who called for a boycott of the store, and which John Lewis says has cost it thousands of pounds in cancelled sales.

After a viral email campaign supporting the boycott call, John Lewis has been inundated with emails, letters and complaints from customers, many of whom have cancelled orders. Waitrose, the supermarket chain which is part of the John Lewis group, has also been hit.

The company is set to meet an angry response from Christians who do not like its promotion of the Hijab for young school girls. The Daily Mail writes in John Lewis's new line, hijabs to wear at school: Department store signs contract with schools in London and Liverpool to offer conservative Islamic clothing

John Lewis is offering the hijab in its school uniform department for the first time.

The headdress is to be sold in the company’s stores in London and Liverpool after it signed contracts with two schools – one which was set up to educate Muslim girls and a second that welcomes pupils from all religious communities.

Christians are being deliberately marginalised in the country. The two religions are being played off against each other. Islam is being openly and secretly financed by the West. It will get a lot worse before it is all over.

Rather than wasting time and money pandering to Islamic extremism, teach the Muslims the true origins of their religion. They are following a Jewish Prophet. They claim to follow Jesus, and He is Jewish. So why aren't Muslims keeping the Torah like the Jews? The Holy Sabbath is mentioned 5 times in their Holy Quran. So why are all their shops open on the Sabbath? Why if alcohol is forbidden that they continue to sell it to the masses? And if alcohol is so bad why did Jesus turn water in wine? Did God yet again change His mind as they will have you believe? Then what can you trust? You might as well forget religion.

John Lewis and Waitrose should be boycotted by any sensible person. We do not need to give our money or custom to those people who have political aims to empower our enemies.

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