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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Neo Nazis should rescue the Aryan Yazidis ?

One man reckons that Neo Nazis and members of the KKK should go into Iraq and rescue the Yazidis from Isis fighters. This is upon hearing the news that Yazidis are Aryan in origin.

No wonder why the world looks on and does nothing.

What has this got to do with the Yazidi's? Well, I suspect they are the descendants of Jews which moved to the area after the destruction of the Temple in 70AD. They would be non Ashkenazy Jews much like the Sephardi's. Could they have also been amongst the "lost tribes" of Israel?

The man writes after hearing the news Isis fighters are raping Yazidis to destroy their blood line:

Yazidis are originally Aryan and since that is true then where are all the Neo-Nazi? They need to protect and maintain the Aryan race! And where are the KKK? This is an opportunity for those two groups which people view negatively to stand up and actually earn praise from christians by going and kicking some ISIS ass. I really don't care what barbaric methods they use either; just get rid or those assholes!

He is responding to the article, ISIS Kidnaps 300 Yazidi Women For One Purpose: ‘To Smash The Blonde Bloodline’:

The group of terrorists known as the Islamic State (IS) kidnapped 300 Yazidi women last week during a brutal siege on Mount Sinjar, but the reason they were kidnapped is equally as disturbing as the fact that they were.

According to MailOnline, the Islamic extremists kidnapped the women with only one purpose in mind – to break up their ancient bloodline by raping and impregnating them.

Yazidis are originally Aryan and keep their blonde hair and blue eyes by marrying only within their community, which is something that the IS fighters despise. Since they realize that they can’t kill all of them off, they’ve adopted this more sinister plan to destroy their 4,000 year old heritage.

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