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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Professor Antony Sutton Interview

Professor Antony was ahead of his time. He exposed American corporations financing Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Most appear to go back to Standard Oil or the Rockefellars.

As the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, is going around the world. We discover America or Israel have been training them in secret bases in Jordan. The terrorist group never attacks Israel, even when the Israelis are bombing the Palestinians into the ground."

This terrible Islamic group has the hallmarks of being a Zionist front. They are getting rid of the enemies of the West.

Zionism has rejected the true Messiah of Israel, Jesus of Nazareth. They have also rejected the Messenger, the Propet Muhammed who came to correct the Jews with the Holy Quran. As we keep exposing, the Quran is written for the Jews. But in typical fashion they lie to the people and distort the message to mankind.

This landmark video tells us the evil of those in power have been funding evil for decades.

The Best Enemies Money Can Buy - An Interview with Professor Antony C. Sutton

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