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Monday, 25 August 2014

Rome is burning whilst the Jesuits look away

The Roman Catholics in Syria and Iraq are getting a raw deal not only from those Islamic terrorists called ISIS but from the lack of inaction from their own Jesuit clergy men. This militia turns a blind eye when their own sacred vessels get destroyed and even when one of their own Jesuits was brutally murdered by NUSRA, terrorist organisation.

Centuries ago these crusaders would have been the first to the rescue of the "pilgrims" against the terrorists in Syria and Iraq which are torturing, murdering Christians and cutting the heads of children in the name of their god.

The Catholic church has done nothing to support their own Christians in these affected areas much to the dismay of many of their followers. Protestants continue to ignore their plight since they do not want to upset the Zionist lobby, much of whom owns the media and their "ministries" will be booted off the air.

The Catholic church on the other hand has enough power on her own to thwart Zionism and begin assisting these Christians. Let's hope that they do. Somebody, needs to step in and help them. The world has gone mad. Nobody is taking any responsibility.

The Islamic terrorists desecrate Catholic churches as this video shows smashing up the idols of the Virgin Mary. Yet another instance of intolerance.

Syrian Criminal Rebel Smashes Virgin Mary Statue

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