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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Syria's Christians are being attacked by the Islamic horde of ISIS. Catholic nuns have been kidnapped and some have been killed in gruesome ways.

The Zionist west forgets their plight on a daily basis. Seldom do we hear of their plight.

Assad in Syria protects them and so do some Kurdish fighters. Israel has bombed Syrian militarily installations several months ago which does little to help Christians.

We need to pray for them. And do everything we can to put pressure on the Jews to stop attacking Assad and Syria since their intervention costs Christian lives. The Western media should also be informed on their forgotten plight.

As a form of protest we can stop buying Israeli products until they stop bombing Syria and allowing Christians to be slaughtered by ISIS rebels. We can inform them that as followers of Jesus Christ, we find their actions unacceptable.

Islamic Terrorists Destroying Christian Graves (2014)

Syria: Malula and now Sadad. Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria Ignored. (2013)


Syria - Middle East. Rebels murdered over 200 Christians, including families with children.

Syrian Christians Getting Attacked by Hardline Wahhabi Terrorists in their Ancient Homeland

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