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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Welcome to Elul--Ramadan

Elul began at sunset on the 26th August. This marks the beginning of the "fasting" period for Ramadan from dawn to sunset. So the fast begins tomorrow at dawn (where red hits the horizon).

Welcome to Elul, a time for repentance. Fasting begins this month except for those travelling, ill or have medical conditions which do not allow this. Days missed need to be made up. So if you decide to skip a day, it must be made up.

This is a time when Heaven's gates are opened up where prayers are answered more than throughout the rest of the year. The period of Elul marks the final point we have to repent and make any necessary changes prior to the Judgement we will be facing on the Feast of Trumpets or (Night of Power).

Ramadan, Elul, the month of Blowing the Ram's Horn (Shofar)

Elul is a time when the blowing of the "ram's" horn is blown throughout the month with a break of one day before the Feast of Trumpets. The ram's horn is the "shofar". This is where "Ramadan" probably gets its name from, the month of blowing the ram's horn.

Kavanat Ha'Shofar (Meditation)

Fasting is no drink or food from dawn to sunset. No sexual relations and no vain talking between the hours of dawn and sunset.

Take time to learn more about ELUL, its customs and traditions from Judaism. Chabad is a good place to go to learn more. Also learn more about the period of "Ramadan" during this time. We have to increase in giving to charity and repentance during Elul.

The Prophet Muhammed had a pre-dawn meal before "dawn". So people will have to get up before dawn to eat some food and drink plenty of water. The fast is customary broken by eating "dates". These can be purchased from the supermarket.

Normal work activities are carried out during Elul except for the Sabbath. Fasting can be broken off to keep the Sabbath but the days will have to made up during the Days of Awe (this is the ten days from Trumpets to Atonement).

If you cannot manage the entire fast do not worry, it is a learning experience.

Happy Ramadan-Elul

Take advantage of the month of Elul

Ramadan - The Angels Descend

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