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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

American's bombing Campaign in Syria

America is now bombing ISIS inside of Syria which could lead to a pretext for a complete bombing campaign on Syria. Syria which has a Russian built air defence system is certainly capable of shooting NATO or American planes which invade its territory.

“The United States would retaliate against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s air defenses if he were to go after American planes launching airstrikes in his country, senior Obama administration officials said Monday.”

The Jews in America and Israel and Great Britain are behind pushing for the war with Assad. The gas resources of the country are thought to be the biggest which would give added billions if not trillions to Rothschild's world empire. Rothschild has taken over Great Britain and his stranglehold is felt in this country in nearly ever sphere of life. His influence has done more to keep Zionism going being one of its original funders of Palestine (falsely-so called Israel). The Jews can no longer claim the right to be called "Israel" since breaking away from the "Kingdom" after the days of King Solomon. They formed a new empire called the House of Judah. There are no arguments about this. This is FACT.

Syria's demise will not do well for the United Kingdom. God promises to remove the "fortress of Ephraim" (Isaiah 17:3) once Damascus is a pile of rubble. This is an end time prophecy which means God's protection will be taken away from Great Britain since they are judged alongside Syria. A little known fact which the Zionist inbred media will not tell their audience.

"The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria. They will be as the glory of the children of Israel." (Isaiah 17:3)
In those days God says "the glory of Jacob will wane and the fatness of his flesh grow lean." (verse 4) and "In that day his strong cities will be as a forsaken bough...which they left because of the children of Israel and there will be desolation." (verse 9)

The scholars of the New King James Bible recognised this commenting, "The glory...Israel is irony. They will be judged with the remnant of Syria."

We are turkey's voting for Christmas. Israel's (not the Jews or Judah) fate is judged along side Syria. The glory of Israel soon appears to fade once Syria is conquered leaving our nation also "desolate" through famine.

This may mean the demise or apparent destruction of Syria leads to an all out major war with Russia and other invested parties leaving a food shortage in our nations.

The Zionists could end up in a desperate state of starvation. This my friend would be "karma". God has warned us ahead of time.

We should do everything to pray for peace in the area and hope that Syria remains as a nation for as long as possible. Pray that our nations wake up to Zionism and opt for peaceful resolutions to our troubles and not violence and war.

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