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Friday, 12 September 2014

End times Islamic Caliphate

One man in the Churches of God wrote to the, he said,

End-times caliphate

Regarding a recent issue of The Journal: I, of course, strongly disagree with the opinions of many that Mr. Armstrong was the end-times Elijah, the end is near, one must be with the one true church, that a European union is the beast, etc., etc.

These opinions are the reason I gave up receiving The Journal earlier.

However, I shall forever be thankful that Mr. Armstrong pointed the way to the reality that government and law are the main issues, and to trust Christ as the King of Kings and carry out His commands is our destiny.

I must point out that I believe an end-times Islamic caliphate shall be the beast that brings all life on this planet to the edge of extinction. The churches and I are in irreconcilable disagreement on this issue.

Greg Jandrt

Some of the enlightened few question the teachings of Herbert W Armstrong. They do end up on the "margins" in the church or usually end up leaving altogether.

This man is right. An end time Islamic caliphate is coming onto the world. This is the horror of the "protocols" unleashed in the world to finally destroy Christianity. Christianity will cease to exist in the "new world" order. Those who profess the doctrine of three or two gods will not exist. This has been the goal of the extreme elements of the "conspiracy".

Zionism is funding Islamic extremism on the world. They do this for political reasons to foster regime change in the "Middle East" but can also serve a higher purpose of creating a world wide Islamic caliphate. The Zohar says such Islamic terror will engulf mankind before the advent of the Messianic Age.

Christianity will be one of the casualties of Zionism. It will be ruthlessly destroyed by the "Zionists" who are hell bent on their own version of redemption which does not allow room for Christianity.

It is for this reason many must wake up and stop lending support to Zionism. This toxic doctrine must be allowed to self destruct since it is a worldly atheistic doctrine with elements of occultism. The 6th and 7th book of Moses, which is the Treatise of Zion, has magical rituals facing the Temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus Christ is not the Messiah of the Zionists. Do not let them fool you. They have rejected every Prophet given to them by the God of Israel with the Prophet Muhammed being the most demonised by them. Those who know occultism should recognise the concepts in the Holy Quran which even the The Theosophical Society has acknowledged. The Zionists have intentionally lied to the people often getting condemnation from A. Crowley, Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. Not that we believe every thing these people say. Some of the Jewish Kabbalahists know Muhammed was working for the God of Israel and the doctrine of Zionism has led mankind astray with its "orthodoxy".

There has been a "conspiracy" to cover up the true teachings of the Prophet Muhammed and his true origins. Part of this conspiracy involves radical "Islam" which is being deliberately financed and engineered by Zionism. The religion of Islam will be turned into the most horrific barbaric system the world will ever encounter. Christianity will be eliminated by this perverted form of Islam that will engulf the world. We will all cry out for a Saviour. Zionism will ultimately defeat the "golem" they created.

The knowledge of the Holy Quran will be lost to humanity. Few will see any value in Islam once encountering the likes of the followers of ISIS in their own cities, towns and countries. Islam does itself a disservice by playing the tune with these Zionists.

The Bible says this will be the time of Jacob's trouble. The lost tribes of Israel will once again be sold into captivity to the Ishmaelites by their brother Judah. As it was in the beginning with Joseph, so it will be at the end. Few realise this is also a prophecy for the "future". (Genesis 37:26). We see this happening already with Jewish groups marginalising Christianity in the nations of Israel whilst Islamic groups can get away with a lot more under the guise of "political" correctness. We also have Jews admitting they want to flood Europe with immigrants to create a multi cultural society. Judah appears to be selling Israel out.

Once the resources of the West have been depleted the power structure will move East. This has been acknowledged by the Council of Foreign Relations who see the East playing more of an important role than the West in the future.

The European beast system is just another fantasy of Armstrong to stop us from looking at the Zionists. The elites set it up anyway and they have never gone against the Zionists in any case.

Nostradamus also foresaw an Islamic antichrist attacking the West. The following is a video of his prophecy.

Nostradamus Predictions About Pakistan World War III

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