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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Jeff Blankfort Blows the Whistle on Zion

Jeff Blankfort, blows the whistle on Zionist intrigue. He apparently was once sued by the A.D.L but won his court case against them. He reveals how the Zionists pushed America into the war against Iraq.

Today the wars continue in the Middle East with no hope of stopping. It threatens the security of the region should Iran be brought into these conflicts. Isis, the motley crew of rebels are blowing up Shia mosques with explosives. Some think to bring Iran into the conflict.

Zion, is modern day Babylon. They call it Zion. We call it BABYLON. The Bible calls it a system of economic enslavement that will be broken by God's holy angels (Rev 18). Wars serve economic means, political ends and irreligious atheism. They do more to create atheists than the church.

The world is moving away from Zionism in general. The last bombing campaign of Israel against the Palestinians have really galvanised people against them. Few today would completely agree with Zionism and everything it does except for a tiny extreme minority of "Christians" and "right wing Jews".

FlashPoint Interview: Jeff Blankfort 1 of 2 parts

FlashPoint Interview: Jeff Blankfort 2 of 2 parts

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