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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Magical Curses on Old Saddam Hussein

The world is a strange place indeed. We are all subject to "psychic" attacks or kabbalah curses being put on us by evil minded people. This is why many people wear an evil eye to thwart the danger. Talisman's with the four holy archangels of God could help protect people from the reality of black magic curses.

Saddam Hussein was subject to curses placed on by an Order in the occult. Believe it or not!

Writes Nick Farrell, Chief of the Magical Order of Aurora Aureae, in WHY GOOD PEOPLE DO EVIL MAGIC:

A number of years ago I did not believe in magical attacks. Most of the magicians I knew had been positive that attacking someone was a bad thing – unless there were real reasons.

A “real reason” presented itself in the 1990s when I was involved in a ritual to curse Saddam Hussain. The ritual was designed to twat his expansion plans by effectively cursing all his actions. The ritual, which was under some senior people of the Order I was in at the time, got a little out of control and the doll which represented Hussain was damaged – its neck was pulled out of shape. We thought our curse worked when the First Gulf war ended with Hussain totally losing. It was not until the second one that I understood that our curse was still operating and the result was that Saddam ended up with his neck stretched. (I am not saying our magic killed him, I think there was a lot of things lobbed his way, but we had contributed to it).

... We had done evil magic. At the time, we felt it was justified because Saddam was an evil chap and yet if we had known what evils his toppling had unleashed we might have been a little more careful. My own exit from that particular Order was marked by various people claiming that each other was performing magical attacks. People who I respected and thought were good were somehow being evil to each other.

Nick Farrell harps on about the Golden Dawn. It was probably this occult group which put a curse on Saddam Husssein. They are linked with the Jews (since the Jews are its founders) and their rituals in their books on my bookshelf harp on about Israel's Temple. I could well be reading verses from the Torah. The magic obviously worked since Saddam Hussein is no longer with us. Well we all know it was over oil. Read up about it and Saddam was going to ditch the dollar putting a spanner in the works of the Zionists.

Jewish journalist, Carl Bernstein accused the Jewish neo-cons for starting the war in Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussein. See:

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  1. Nah wasn't the Golden Dawn.... it was another group I was involved with which was extremely British. When we did it Saddam was just famous for genociding marsh arabs. But hey if you say he didn't and was a nice chap and it was all about oil, I am sure you must be right.