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Monday, 22 September 2014

Targeted Individual Video / Dark Occult Arts behind This Technology

Professor Lin shows in this short compilation how microwave hearing works which is used against people called "targeted individuals". These are people who are experiencing government harassment via secret covert technology.

A targeted individual's testimony from Banglishdesh

Jesse Ventura interview with Dr Robert Duncan

Jesse Ventura tests V2K ( voice to skull ) on himself

OSI Call Talk Show with special guest Dr. Robert Duncan

Targeted Individuals III:MSM Cover Up,NSA,DEWs Incl Professor Lin

One of the occult orders we have exposed using this technology and fronting it is the Order of Beelzebub. This is the inner order of the diabolic Temple of Set, who worship the dark lord of Setian philosophy. That miserable fly has been furiously giving this technology to mankind.

Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set (a splinter of the Church of Satan), had security clearance for the N.S.A where he was advancing mind control techniques. He even wrote the book, MindWaR, advancing mind control on the population. Here, is a member of an Egyptian occult society following Setian principles advancing "mind controlling" the world.

About the book, "MindWar_ proposes to eliminate its killing and destruction by replacing it with a far more powerful kind of war - one which focuses on the human mind both individually and collectively. The persons and property of people are removed as targets, replaced by the divisive situations and problems originating in their consciousness. These are then controlled, adjusted, and reformed to produce a harmonious and cooperative total environment. The price for this solution is that, for the first time in practical history, the actual machinery of human thought is accessed, by the methodical application of science, psychology, and esoteric arts of antiquity."

Here we have some of the early origins of the mind control programmes. The occult mystical orders have been behind this technology, since some of them are connected to the Brotherhood of Saturn, which we learn comes from German elite. The book, Fire and Ice: Brotherhood of Saturn, published by a respected "occult" publisher details the origins of this brotherhood and its dark and sinister side. The book is interesting insofar as it mentions this brotherhood are behind "technology" in their vain attempt to usher in a dark technocratic dictatorship.

However we have to make a disclaimer that not every person involved in magic, the occult, an order is necessarily following the Setian principles, and believes in enslaving mankind through diabolical means.

Conspiracies do not really exist because they tell us the truth out in the open. We are just too blind to see it.

We do our part in exposing this technology and bringing to light the suffering of targeted individuals. Allah, the true God of Israel, is greater than their darkness that they want to bring onto the world. Elul, the month of mercy, is a time to pray for these people.

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