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Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Qabalistic Tarot book

The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang is one for your book shelf. A copy of it may be downloaded here, but would recommend that it is added to your book shelf by purchasing a paper copy here.

Many may think the "tarot" cards are the work of the devil. That we should stay away from these things.

Tarot, is the Arabic word, "torat" meaning "torah". If you are clever you will see it is in reverse. The cards unlock "torah" hidden secrets which the Jews claim is the "kabbalah".

The card in the "tarot" for number 7, is the "Chariot". This is a reference to the "Divine" Chariot which God or Allah sits in in the seventh heaven. It is also labelled number 7, a certain reference to the 7th heaven.

The card for "Hang man" is number 12. It depicts a man hanging upside down. In the early tarot cards it showed a man with a money bag which many believe to be Judas. 12 being the number of Jesus' disciples. The key to this card, is that it was Judas who died on the cross and not Christ who escaped on the night of the Passover. The Holy Quran reveals Jesus' appearance went over another man who was crucified.

The hidden symbols are interesting.

The tarot cards are connected to the Jewish Kabbalah. This book helps to enlighten the reader to how these things are connected.

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