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Monday, 22 September 2014

What is our position on magic/the occult?

Our position on magic and the occult is we are allowed to "study" it. Rabbinic injunctions have included we are allowed to study magic, but not practice it, but can demonstrate it.

Any magical practices people engage in must conform to the "Torah" and the Law of God. This means black magic and necromancy is not permitted. If we are honest there is little magical practices we can engage in since a lot of it is based on worshipping deities other than God, making pacts or offerings. These things are not acceptable to us. We are extremely limited mainly to the study of the Jewish kabbalah.

Necromancy, the calling up of the "souls" of the dead is forbidden in the Torah and is thus forbidden.

Contact with demons in magical rituals for ourselves would be forbidden according to Torah except in the case of King Solomon.

Contact with archangels of God is permissible.

King Solomon summoned up demons with a signet ring, bound them to build the Temple and used them to wage wars and he is considered "righteous" and will be dwelling in "Paradise". (Testament of Solomon, The Holy Quran). A witch of the south, Queen Sheba, gave King Solomon gifts for the Temple (Testament of Solomon) and learned of his wisdom. Yet King Saul was condemned for going to a witch. The scriptural injunctions are contradictory and we have to face facts.

The Prophet Muhammed sought contact or divine revelation through "meditative" practices in the cave. Meditation is an occult form used to open up the third eye, and facilitate contact with spiritual beings. This is why the Prophet Muhammed thought he was going insane because he believed he had contacted an unwanted entity through meditation.

Talisman's is generally accepted as "kosher".

The burning of incense, use of magical oils such as Abramelin, Hyssop etc. (except black magic, ie oil to gain favour over another), the use of candles, meditation, use of tarot cards for meditation or kabbalah purposes permitted.

Magical practices must never "harm" or "destroy" individuals so any type of black magic is off limits. Rabbinical, Islamic injunctions have allowed the use of magic to thwart evil magic. In other words magic can be used to "prevent" harm from occurring. Prayer is often is the best form of "injunctions" to prevent harm.

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