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Monday, 15 September 2014

Whitby MP talks about the Illuminati

Whitby MP, Simon Parkes, who admits he has had attempts on his life talks openly about the "illuminati". His family were involved in the intelligence services in the UK.

He also talks about aliens he sees. The aliens in the world are probably the jinn (these are spirits the children of the Watchers who fornicated with women- see 1 Enoch). These people in power follow the "left" hand path in the occult who are devoted to Lucifer. Magic and occult practice is divided up into two groups, the left hand path and the right hand path.

Enoch was an esoteric but he certainly didn't make diabolical pacts with demons. Rabbi Ishmael ascended into the "Seventh" heaven and wrote about his experiences in 3 Enoch. He also certainly didn't have contact with these demons either. Not all esoterics, mystics or even magicians for that matter follow the left hand path which has been set up by the Brotherhood of Saturn. The people of "light" will one day war with these brothers of "darkness" according to the War Scrolls of God. The right hand path will be empowered as we know by God's Two Witnesses, who will seek to address the evil that has been created on the world. They will also bring humanity to the true knowledge of God and correct people's misunderstandings of the scriptures. The correct knowledge of the "occult" will be known. They will usher in man's final days before the return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah to Israel.

"The Hidden World of The Illuminati"

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