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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Joseph's Cup of Divination

Joseph placed a cup of divination in the bags of his brothers (Genesis 44:5,15). Christians have a hard time explaining this in light of Torah injunctions against divination.

From Jewish tales, from the book, Gabriel's Palace, we learn, Joseph put a stone inside of the "divination cup" which made him into a seer where he could see into the future and interpret dreams.

This may well be the originals of the "philosopher's stone" long sought after in the magical and occult society.

It would appear to be a stone which had some considerable power attributed to it.

The Torah was compiled by the Sadducees who wrote out anything about the afterlife from the records. Hell fire, eternal punishments, rewards, angels, seven heavens were all deliberately excluded from the Biblical records. The Jews, under the Sadducees left us a washed out relic of a religion worthy of materialism. The Theosophical Society admits in their books the Bible was given to us by the Sadducees.

The Quran came later to address this. They restore some of the missing chapters. The Bible is contradictory on divination and magic.

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