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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Andy Lewis Targeted Individual Blog

At the time of writing the "targeting" against myself continues hearing British accents through the computer head phones discussing me and the family.

For some reason some of their conversations can be picked up even though synthetic telepathy is also on me. They ironically were discussing a member of family coming down the stairs, the dog sitting in the chair, amongst a host of other lurid details with fanciful allegations, setting me up on charges, etc.

The terrorist network in our midst comes from the sewer pit of Lucifer. He is the god of this world. He is worshipped by their cronies in power. They do not like the God of Israel. They despise the truth in the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran and the book of Enoch. They would rather persecute those striving to obey God and take them down, rather than the evil people who bankrupt our nations and set up these mind control programmes. These programmes have been going on for years, put on thousands of people worldwide.

The Bible foretold a time of evil would emerge when they would persecute those who worship and love God. We are in these days. They do it through intrigue and deception. They call people all manner of names under these mind control programmes in vain hopes to disillusion and disturb the people they are monitoring. False allegations are the only carrot to destroy the people. They have done this for years to many people. Tragically many of their victims are no longer here.

Andy Lewis, a whistle blower, has suffered harassment from authorities for over 18 years campaigning for soldiers of war. He maintains a blog called


  1. A digital agency in cape town, south africa does this as a means to generate revenue from insurance fraud. liro satanic marketing (not the real name) sets up bogus job posts only to have the candidate killed off years later after he has left the company.

    They go after easy targets based on circumstance beyond their control. For instance those that are on medication for depression or bi-polar, or those that do not have a good reference. Company offers these innocent people a job knowing full well they will be set up to fail.

    Its really sick, sad and no way to stop and criminal of gang stalking.

  2. Please don not associate me with your views on targeting.