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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Bill Clinton's List of the Undead

Bill Clinton, whose wife Hilary embraced the screens of the BBC recently, has a litany of people who have died under strange circumstances. Bill Clinton known for Cocaine smuggling, and making women pregnant not his wife, enjoined the murders of Sabbath keepers in Waco.

To be a friend of these despots is an invitation for the graveyard.

In the Sabbath community we remember Bill Clinton for ordering the massacre against David Koresh and the WACO siege. Those who have studied some of the affair know the official accounts come from a devilish source fit only for plebs of Zion, whom swallow things hook, line and sinker.

We say this in tongue and cheek because our own Bibles paints a conspiracy in Jerusalem with an Antichrist who is Jewish (see 2 Thess 4 and Daniel) yet we are expected to believe the Catholic church is behind all of the world's troubles.

The Zionist churches of Herbert W. Armstrong do not get any persecution. They are welcomed on the media and their followers for the most part escape much attention. A far cry from Biblical pronouncements of persecution. Yet those who profess a Zionist conspiracy are the most hounded and persecuted by the Jews, the ADL, the media, the government, even intelligence agencies.

About time we wake up (Herbert W Armstrong). Perhaps we ought to heed Armstrong's final message to us, Do not Believe Me, Believe Your Bible.

The presentation below is a list of strange deaths resembling the list in the film, Cry Freedom. A documentary of Bill Clinton's murders is featured in the video. This man has killed more people than we can even imagine.

Today we have our own struggles for freedom against tyranny and oppression. The world will only be free when Jesus Christ returns. God speed that day!

Are you Clinton's Friend?... then you're DEAD!

Expose on the Bill Clinton Documentary: Censored by the BBC: Some of Bills Murders

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