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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Cathi Morgan - UK Mind Control Site

Cathi Morgan's research first alerted us that the mind control programmes are happening in Salisbury, in Porton Down. There they have a scientific and technological unit that specialises in electro magnetic frequencies.

RAF Rudloe Manor, nor Corsham, Wiltshire, is home to underground "bases". These seem to be linked to a computer system hosting the UK's nuclear's deterrent, Trident. There are rumours of even more levels to these underground bases where top security passes are required with everyone sworn to top secrecy. Wiltshire appears on the surface to be an important place for the Zionist elite, and it wouldn't surprise us if heinous mind control experiments are not being carried on there.

NATO Command Bunker Under Our Feet: A Bristol Indymedia Exclusive To most of us it's just another chain link fence off the road from Bath to Chippenham, but investigative journalist Duncan Campbell believes the underground Corsham Computer Centre houses a top-secret and top-level NATO command post. Recent anonymous reports by contract workers who have been deep underground say a gigantic new U.S. computer system has just been installed. And the Ministry of Defence press office still have the cheek to deny that there are underground facilities in Corsham. So are the U.S. Department of Defence and our MoD hiding from Al Quaeda... or from the public who pay their wages? Phil Chamberlain takes a peep down this and some of their other nearby multi-billion pound rabbit holes.Porton Down, should be of interest to the establishment outside of the UK. (source:

She has her own website, called,

It is certainly worth having a look at.

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