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Monday, 24 November 2014

Chanukah: 16 - 24 December 2014

Chanukah this year begins 16 December to 24 December 2014. This is a time to light candles on the menorah, give presents, eat chocolates, and fry latkes, enjoy oil fried food.

We remember the Jewish elite over us are Sadducees. They have stolen the birth right. They have wormed their way into power even despite we have previously fought these parasites in brave battles.

They defame Sabbatai Zevi, (pictured), who realised that Islam is a continuation of his Jewish faith. His followers continued to observe Jewish laws whilst coming into the knowledge of Islam whilst attacking the Jewish elite. The great Maimonides in the Jewish world converted to Islam whilst continuing to practice Judaism. To this day these parasites speak evil of Sabbatai Zevi and excuse Maimonides speaking evil of all who know the truth about the Prophet Muhammed. There are Islamic groups who keep the Torah out there. There are Christian groups who believe in the Prophet Muhammed. Over 7 people worldwide know the truth.

We will keep Chanukah as a reminder that evil is present with us. They are ruling. The Temple is a symbol of light and truth. They want to profane something holy by putting an unholy creature inside of it. Let us also remember the victims of "targeted individual" programmes when we light our candles.

Keep these dates in your diary.

Chanukah, Oh Chanukah!

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