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Monday, 17 November 2014

Gun Grabbers in America

Liberal Jews are behind the movement to disarm the American people. Try doing this in South Africa and the Jews will end up being murdered and raped by the criminals in the country. Such a high crime rate in South Africa left thousands of Jews fleeing for their lives leaving behind deserted synagogues in Joburg.

The blacks who now run South Africa have no love affair for the whites who made them suffer under "apartheid" let alone rich Jews who believe it is their privilege to be in an African country.

Thank God common sense prevails in South Africa. They keep themselves an "armed" nation. You need it down there. It is like the wild west. Gun grabbing liberal Jews can get a one way ticket to Hillbrow.

So imagine my surprise to learn a man who went on a shooting spree in America was himself a Jew and an admirer of Adolf Hitler reading Mein Kampf. His name was Jared Loughner.

Yet this one episode amongst many is used by these liberal Jews to grab America's guns. Every citizen has the right to bear arms and in some countries it becomes a necessity. In the UK they have long since banned fire arms for self defence and we have to respect this even if we may or may not agree. But we shouldn't allow the liberals to take away rights from others.

Some claim this Jared Loughner shooting spree was yet another false flag event to take away gun rights. He must be a budding communist. There is a strong Jewish movement in the US which supports the rights of people to bear arms. So even in the Jewish world they are conflicted on the issue. Certainly Jared doesn't represent most Jews who wouldn't care about gun rights either way. This insidious Jewish left is a mental disorder plaguing Judaism. They neither advance Torah and often conflict with Orthodox Judaism. This insane Jewish left is responsible for supporting the Rothschilds and covering up the trail of death and destruction their fellow cohorts did in Russia.

It is about time Jews stopped supporting communism. It is not Godly nor does it advance Torah. Communism only serves the Rothschild cartel not humanity. Let's support humanity not despotism.

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