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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Herbert W Armstrong's Eccentric Jews

Delving into the archives of co-worker and brethren letters written by Herbert W. Armstrong we can make some interesting discoveries. We often overlook some of these letters.

We discover Garner Ted Armstrong had emotional issues, enjoyed drinking and gambling. Nothing said of his womanising ways which was to later come out by former members.

But of interest, Herbert W Armstrong called Jews who wanted to build a third temple, "eccentric". Or simply put delusional.

Today there is a strong movement to rebuild the Temple with the Temple Institute. They are ready with all the necessary ritual items already prepared.

Herbert W. Armstrong meets with three ultra Orthodox Rabbis from Jerusalem who know all about his church holding conversations with them until 2am. They want him to help them rebuild a third temple.

Writes Armstrong,

... He said his group of ultraorthodox Jews had been studying the New Testament. He said (and I have since verified the truth of this) that these Jews expected a pre-Messiah to come almost immediately prior to the coming of the Messiah or Christ, and that he himself is that pre-Messiah or “ante-Christ” as he termed it. He insisted it is necessary that I help him politically become the Israeli Prime Minister. They seemed to know all about me personally.

"At 2 a.m. they left. I gave them my very definite answer. I cannot in any manner join him in politics. The rabbis left rather downhearted. I have checked and this man is in fact who he claims to be. My real appraisal I will not now state.

But I have heard from other sources that some rather eccentric Jews are planning to build a temple in Jerusalem. This could certainly provoke a serious crisis in the Middle East. It could inflame the Arab nations as never before. It could lead to a withholding of oil and using an Arab oil boycott as a weapon to force Europe to oppose the State of Israel. This could lead to the formation of the prophesied United States of Europe, and lead directly into the Great Tribulation.

These Israeli rabbis did positively express the conviction that the Second Coming of Christ is very near at hand.

Herbert W Armstrong contrary to most of his splinter groups did not want a third temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. He called such ideas eccentric which would lead to the Great Tribulation. A group of Rabbi's admit their system leads to the "anti-Christ" before the advent of the return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah to Israel. Zionism is creating the Anti-Christ system. How could we be so blind?

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