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Monday, 17 November 2014

Jesuit Oath to Exterminate Protestants

The Jesuits have an oath to wage war to exterminate heretics and Protestants and Jews. A brave woman confronts the Black Pope with this oath and he denies such a thing exists.

The Jesuits was founded as a military order to eliminate the enemies of the Roman Catholic church. This is established fact, but they deny that they continue the practice.

A Jesuit was advisor to David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain until recently. They are masters of political intrigue and have sometimes been founded murdered in Russia under strange circumstances. They are behind neuro science and mind control technology through "computer brain interfaces". George Town University worked on Patrick Flannigan's Neurophone, an electronic device to send voices to the head via carrier waves. This technology would later be developed to use on "targeted individuals".

Many occult books have Jesuits practicing magic. The Encyclopaedia of Demons lists some Jesuits that went into the dark arts. The True Magical Work of the Jesuits give instructions on how to summon up demons. Liber 777 mentions one Jesuit.

The Jesuits originally had many Jewish members when it was founded. They were later thrown out by the Italian bloodline. Many suspect they are now welcome in the Order since they promote Zionism with an emphasis to ensure the Pope one day resides in Jerusalem.

THE BLACK POPE Adolfo Nicolas said he never saw the Jesuit Oath before

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