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Monday, 24 November 2014

Jewish Cartel Closing down British Businesses

Who said the Jews were not involved in conspiracies? They are KING PIN. Read the Holy Bible and Quran. They were always scheming to get rid of their own Kings (1, 2 Kings, 1,2 Chronicles)

The BBC Panorama has just exposed Lloyd's bank is working with Cerberus Capital Management which is forcing companies to close whilst striping them of their assets. This asset management company is owned by Jews in New York.

Jews are swindling Britons of their assets, their businesses, and forcing them to close. This asset management company uses pressure and techniques only a hound of hell would do.

Lloyds bank is in cahoots with this multi billion dollar enterprise, even scheming to get some of their customer's assets behind their back, forcing unnecessary administrations to collect the war booty.

Time to leave Lloyd's bank before your assets become Zion's financial arm for yet another war. You have been warned!

As for us we will continue to pray and worship the God of Israel. Honour the Creator of the Sabbath, the seventh day and his festivals. We will not be a party to the schemes of Satan.

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