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Friday, 21 November 2014

Justice coming into View

Last year when put on the mind control programme having several attempts to end my life and being microwaved to near death, I prayed for all the victims of these insidious parasites in power who rape, abuse and murder people.

All the victims of these secret societies are prayed for each year particularly around their diabolical ritual times. We hope and pray God makes them escape from the horrors of these Satanic organisations whom use torture, rape, and murder as a means for personal power. They eat excrement, urine, blood in their diabolical rituals, having orgasmic rituals with jinns, using the power of BABYLON to fill this earth with their violence.

In recent months the victims of abuse have been coming forward detailing their horrors they endured from people in power. We learn politicians are involved in sex rings, with some murdering their victims. The media has known for years about individuals working for the BBC who have actively recruited people to join abuse rings. Scandal after scandal has come out.

The elite are involved in magic. They use the qlippoth in the kabbalah--these are the dark energies, the place of the abyss where hell is. They do tortuous deeds to release energies from victims. The Jinn, the male among them, use that energy, in exchange for power and wealth. A Rabbi once ascended into the Seven heavens remarking how different society was up there. He said it is the exact opposite on the earth. The righteous were in power while the lowest human beings had nothing. He learned these lowest forms can only get power on the earth. This means while righteousness reigns in heaven, evil reins on the earth.

Once such blog that tireless seeks to expose the coverups in government is JUSTICE DENIED, detailing the catalogue of horrors which go on. One woman who tried to expose abuse is Andrea Davidson, who had her house broken into, documents confiscated, vehicles stolen to name but a few.

We know most of this abuse must be linked with Satanic or occult activity. It is difficult to prove. Our job is to pray for the victims hoping that Allah will release them from their torment. God will hear our prayers and collectively they can make a difference.

Former British Intel Operative Andrea Davison, on the run for exposing abuse

Andrea Davison, former intelligence is on the run in South America after exposing the child abuse cover ups linked with the British establishment. The fact she is on the run says how seriously they take child abuse. Here is her testimony as a "targeted individual" for standing up for truth and justice.

Sonia Poulton Andrea Davison interview Thursday Dec 19, 2013

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