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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Justice Denied ~ Harassed by the Police ~ The Story of Ian Puddick

Ian Puddick found himself a victim of police corruption. The City of London police colluded with Kroll, a UK Intelligence Unit, who work for MI6. They have former American CIA operatives on their payroll.

Kroll helped to set up Ian Puddick along with the police making ridiculous claims of harassment, counter terrorism charges, and cocaine charges. The managing Director of Kroll is Roman Catholic, Benedict Hamilton. Here again we see Roman Catholic's in important positions in the UK. This Roman stooge has access to MI6.

How much of Kroll use "satellite" technology on targeted individuals would make an interesting investigation. The scope of their technology, the use of it, and whether electromagnetic and ultra sound weapons are part of their arsenal is unknown. Yet this company is on MI6 payroll.

Ian Puddick was put on satellite surveillance from this company. His story can be seen below. The experience has led him to expose corruption and help others who fall victim of conspiracies.

Justice Denied ~ Harassed by the Police ~ The Story of Ian Puddick

West Yorkshire Police stitched up one of their own. A police offer Danny Major was stitched up by two police officers and a police force which cover up sexual assaults and drug dealing of one of their police officers.

Justice Denied: The Danny Major Stitch Up (UK’s justice system the scene of corruption)

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