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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Mohammad Asghar in Pakistan was shot

Mohammad Asghar, came to our attention when hearing his story. We are convinced he is under mind control technology unknown to him and his family. We featured his story on his blog. His demise began when he wrote a letter to Catholic Tony Blair protesting the war in Iraq.

No sooner had he done this, he began to hear voices coming from electronic equipment in what began a downward spiral. His family could not cope with his odd behaviour so they sent him back to Pakistan. Here he began saying he was the Prophet Muhammed and wish to die, having suicidal thoughts.

Mohammed who is on death row in a high security prison in Pakistan was shot at by a man who managed to smuggle a gun into the top security prison.

His sad tale began with Tony Blair, a Roman Catholic. He is part of a Roman secret society. His is also on the Zionist pay roll with being the Ambassador for Peace in the Middle East.

Asghar was the victim of a mind control programme. These can be carried out by MI6 covert operations unit in Porton Down who specialise in terrorising the British public. MI5 may well also have access to this technology and carry out their own operations.

Certainly the general public would benefit to know about Port Down, one of the secret hubs of mind control in the United Kingdom used by the government.

From a website:

UK security services have had a very close association with Porton Down since its establishment in 1916 as the Royal Engineers Experimental Station for chemical weapons testing.

Porton Down has evolved into a multi-faceted research and development facility, partly operated by the private international defence and security technology company QinetiQ (one of the UK’s top ten companies employing science and engineering graduates), and the government ‘Defence Science & Technology Laboratory’ (DSTL). The DSTL is a multi-disciplinary department, covering counter terrorism, security, and the mysteriously named ‘cyber and influence’ – which it cites as directing research in ‘human influence’.

The UK military and security services have departments dedicated to developing and researching methods to control people through psychological manipulation. The government has very well-funded and resourced departments whose sole purpose is to ensure both foreign and domestic propaganda and public manipulation is effective.

The hub of military psychological operations (known as PSYOPS) are the Psychological Operations Groups, which in the UK are part of 1 Military Intelligence Brigade of the Intelligence Corp. The operation groups control PSYOPS for the three military services (army, navy, and air force).

Both the UK Security Service (MI5) and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) use various tactics to manipulate and control individuals for the purpose of ensuring local and national agendas are effective.

We hope that common sense prevails and Mohammed Asghar is released from the prison in Pakistan and is returned to the United Kingdom to be with his family. They should never have sent him over there. We should pray for his safe return.

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