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Saturday, 15 November 2014

O.T.O Sex Magic is what its about! & The Caliphate

The O.T.O have their own "Caliphate". A new and improved OTO. Just when you thought it was an Islamic term. O Children of Edom, your destruction draws near. Jesus Christ will destroy you imposters.

"In 1977, a new American Ordo Templi Orientis, (O.T.O.), called "Caliphate" selfstyled itself to be the worldwide "Grand Lodge" when his protagonist Grady Louis McMurtry (1918–1985) signed a paper: "Let all Thelemites know that I, Hymenaeus Alpha, 777 IX° O.T.O., 9=2, Caliph of the Ordo Templi Orientis of Aleister Crowley, Baphomet, 666, do hereby Charter Thelema Lodge as Grand Lodge of O.T.O.". (source:

The people who join the O.T.O are perverts and social delinquents. They enjoy feasting on Cakes of Light with their special ingredients of semen, blood and honey. They also partake of sex inside the magic circle.

The most depraved of sex acts are encouraged inside this insidious order. Those making it to the 11th degree enjoy the art of sodomy as a form of initiation.

Crowley who encouraged underage sex, human sacrifice, and bestiality is the founder of the O.T.O who encourage child blessings during the Equinoxes. These disgusting perverts have the audacity to undermine Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Their own founder died a penniless humiliated fool.

Why anyway would take such an occult order like this seriously is beyond me? There appears to be very little light and much darkness and the activities of these groups are covered up by those in authority. How many of our politicians are members?

To learn more about what they get up to, read:

See also: Secret Rituals of the OTO by Francis King (PDF)

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