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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Patrick Flannigan's Neurophone for Sale 2015

This must be a sick joke. But it isn't. The man who was responsible for discovering that voices could be beamed inside of the head carried via microwaves was Patrick Flannigan at the age of 13.

This man's invention has been responsible for the American government snatching the technology which was later worked on by George Town University. Jesuits must have perfected this system of torture to perfection. This torture device is used against targeted individuals who have voices beamed to the head via these carrier microwaves. The voices are sent directly to the head and no other person can hear them. The voices are part of an "assassination" programme devised by America to destroy, disarm and murder people around the world.

Writes Flannigan, "Says Dr. Flanagan about his amazing Neurophone he first invented in 1958 at age 13, "I do believe the Neurophone will eventually enhance every person that uses one."

The neurophone claims to beam microwaves to the brain. Available for $399 next year in 2015.


See also article: Hear with Ultrasound Using a TL494 as a Flanagan Neurophone:

Patrick Flanagan invented the "Neurophone" over 40 years ago. His original patent (US3393279) was basically a radio transmitter that could be picked up by the human nervous system. It modulated a one-watt 40kHz transmitter with the audio signal, and used very near-field antennas to couple it to the body. It also used extremely high voltages.

Fortunately, we don’t need to work with radio transmitters or high voltages. Over a decade later, Flanagan came up with a version of the "Neurophone" that didn’t use radio, or high voltages. (Patent US3647970)

The second version of the "Neurophone" used ultrasound instead. By modulating an ultrasonic signal with the audio we want to listen to, it gets picked up by a little-known part of the brain and turned into something that feels like sound.

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