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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Peter Sutcliffe, Yorkshire Ripper Hears Echo Voices

Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, who went on to murder 13 women, claimed back in the 1980s that he heard the "voice of God", a voice which sounded like an echo, talking to him in a grave yard.

Sutcliffe, a known Roman Catholic, began to hear this echo at the age of 18. He is now a devout Jehovah Witness.

See the following news article,,1081966

The Times stated, "He claimed he heard the voice of God, speaking from tombstones while he was working in a graveyard, telling him to kill prostitutes. He was given 20 life sentences after his Old Bailey trial in 1981 trial but no minimum term was ever formally imposed until now."

Muhammed Asghar, who wrote a letter to Tony Blair condemning the Iraqi war began to hear voices from his satellite receiver soon after. Sutcliffe heard voices from tombstones. Muhammed Asghar is now on death row in Pakistan after he became convinced that he was the Prophet Muhammed. Sutcliffe heard voices telling him to murder prostitutes.

Robert Duncan who worked for the CIA on mind control programmes to hack into human minds, remote control people and behaviour, mind reading, coined the phrase "Voice of God" weapons as part of his research. Technology was worked on by him to send voices into people's heads via microwave technology. See his book, Project Soul Catcher.

We do not know if Peter Sutcliffe has been influenced by this technology but his unusual statement about "echos" is familiar to many under mind control technology. Echoes are heard when voices are transmitted via the technology from external sources (ie from the sky). Synthetic telepathy, that is beaming voices internally into the head (ie inside the head), does not have echoes. The CIA, NSA, MI6 and possibly MI5 have this technology. The Jews have been working on it in Israel through Rothschild dollars, and Shimon Peres was promoting it with a million dollar grant. As yet we are unable to confirm if Mossad uses this type of technology from any legitimate sources.

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