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Friday, 14 November 2014

Police Arrest Chris Spivey, Conspiracy Theorist at 2am

The police made a 2am raid on Chris Spivey, a notorious conspiracy theorist studying the murder of British soldier, Lee Rigby. He claimed after much research and studying over 8 hours of video footage that the event was a staged affair with his murder being a hoax.

The police accused him of harassment and later was hand cuffed away.

There are many people who have suspicions about the events of Lee Rigby. Some conspiracy theorists have got murdered in the past for their views. It is not uncommon in the UK that they should attempt to discredit or destroy people they believe are promoting a revisionist form of the events.

The Jews and Catholics, the two blood brothers, own the UK Corporation. Their intelligence services set up and stage these anti Islamic events. One Labour MP wrote one of the 7/7 bombers was on MI5 payroll. One attacker behind Lee Rigby was contacted by MI5 prior to his murderous spree. Islam is the only true opposition to the Roman Catholic cult and Sadducean Judaism (which make up the Jewish elite). Hell, their abode is where they will go because they reject the afterlife, giving us a worthless bunch of scriptures missing out hell, heaven, the resurrection, angels, demons, and many other mystical matters.

Some poor souls end up on "mind control" programmes being harassed with electronic weapons by satellites and microwave towers. These weapons monitor, track and harass individuals. Sadly many have lost their lives under them since they cannot cope with the abuse. They are designed eventually to "kill" people off. They are not experiments.

The news report says he was not charged with offences. It appears to be a campaign to discredit him and possibly remove his child into care. An update on his situation can be found on his website.

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