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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sabbatei Zevi - Islam

One of the conspiracies making the rounds comes from the work of Dr. Marvin Antelman who is now deceased. But during his life time he promoted the idea that leading Jews were part of the sect of Sabbatei Zevi.

He promoted the king pins of Zionism came from a Jewish sect which embraced Islam and Judaism, the founder of which was Sabbatei Zevi. He claimed they were a heretical sect.

We know is not true. The king pins of Zionism hate Islam. They are not followers of Sabbatei Zevi who was a student of the "kabbalah" but unfortunately had religious ideas that he was the Messiah.

Some believe he merely had political ambitions which drove him to conversion to Islam. But we cannot always rely on the writings of the Rabbis whom denounce any unorthodox sect as heresy. We cannot even rely on the accusations they make against Sabbatei Zevi and his followers. Jesus no less doesn't escape condemnation either for his messianic aspirations.

We learn of the followers of Sabbatei Zevi:

Whether through his efforts or their willingness to follow in his latest steps, about 300 families of Sephardic Jews converted to Islam, becoming known as the Dönmeh (also spelled Dönme), convert.[3] Some of the followers adhered to a combination of their former Jewish practices as well as Islam.

It is a ridiculous assertion of Rabbi Antleman to suggest families such as the Rothschilds are following a man who embraced both Judaism and Islam. Rabbi Antleman describes Sabbatei Zevi sect as a gnostic heresy.

The people in power are not gnostics in the form of early Jewish gnostics (as outlined in The Gospel of Barnabas). They do not follow Islam or Judaism. Any suggestions that they are is pure fantasy.

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