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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Targeted Individuals in Israel

There are 450 targeted individuals in Israel suffering from various forms of torture who have formed into a support group. One of the victim's stories can be heard at 50 minutes in at:

And we learn most of these are in Tel Aviv. And past 20 minutes we learn a Syrian Muslim man was placed on the target list. This is taken from:

The mind manipulators pick on all types of people including the Jews. The programmes are worldwide and feature people of all religions and races.

They like to incite "anti-Semitism" and "anti Islamist" sentiments in me and other targeted individuals so they can set people up on bogus charges. They implant radical and extremist opinions in the minds hoping victim's will act on them. They then sit back in glee whilst poor victim's act on their evil thoughts.

We always have to be on guard to their evil ways. Their thoughts are not ours and we should do everything possible, though we know it is difficult, to expel their evil thoughts against people's, and religions.

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  1. ho my name is sticks I've been targeted by someone and her family for the last fifteen years i used to live with her when i was a homeless teen i know that these people also use mirroring teqnuiecs and could have been and continuing to implicate her by using her voice but for me there has too much evidence that makes me think otherwise my first time suffering from sleep paralysis was at their house after her mother gave me drugs of some kind not forcibly but not what she said it was i don't have time to get into everything cuz their zapping me right now blurring my vision but for the last fifteen years she would remind me that she was still doing this so it wasn't constant except in the beginning it started out as revenge for "breaking her heart" after she kicked me out of her house she had me crying in the middle of union square park begging her forgiveness professing my love not even realizing i wasn't on a phone people starting calling me skits sticks eventually i said fuck it i don't care anymore so she started playing mind screw games with me then adding people to help its become a family tradition she said she was going to send people copy of the software and provide the hardware although she didn't say hardware i imagine it was implied then she wiped my memory and year after year she would pop in gang stalk and gang belittle demean and invade the most private of parts and just like that wipe my memory and woosh gone i forgot about this and like an idiot called her one to see how she was after years of not communicating no harm no foul cut to a a few years later I'm back on the streett struggling with many issues and it starts again every tech affiliated with gang stalking remote neuro monitoring torture physical mental emotional they have put my life in danger many times and now she is trying to record my thoughts and edit them so she frame me for raping her mind this is a girl claiming to be a virging i didn't want the responsibility in the first place but i hurt her feelings cuz i refused to be her plaything this has been ongoing non stop every day for over a year even during my rem sleep i have been put in enough pain that i screamed and still they press on her name is jennifer zarucki i asked her if she knew what was going on she denied any knowledge if she's lying i need anyone who might know her or of her to bless me any info that could put a stop to this and prove that I'm being tortured everyday she has lived in tel aviv for a few years so please I'm begging anyone who can help please do thank you and god bless you