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Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Journal's Lies about David Koresh

The, publication of the Churches of God recently published an article penning the usual lies against David Koresh. There are many videos and documentaries on youtube questioning the official account of events, with testimonies from survivors.

Koresh, is the name chosen by David, because it is the name of the Prophet Muhammed's tribe.

Some of see through the Zionist rubbish. They cannot explain the Holy Quran. Compare Judaism and Islam. Even there own Jewish scholars, those worth their salt, admit the similarities (eg. The Jewish Foundation of Islam by Charles Torrey, 1929).

David Koresh was not responsible for setting his compound alight. Video footage later which came out showed it was the ATF. Bill Clinton is responsible for many murders, the body list almost exhaustive. See the video documentary earlier in this post. He was in office at the time of the event.

William Colby, a staunch Roman Catholic, was director of the CIA, released a tape. He was soon found dead in a freak boat accident which many believe to be murder. See the article: WHO MURDERED THE CIA CHIEF?


The damning evidence at Waco was a Forward Looking Infrared record taken from an orbiting FBI surveillance aircraft. According to Gordon Novell, these images were first provided to the Davidian defense team by former CIA Director William Colby. Shortly afterward, Bill Colby died in what was ruled to be an accidental drowning.

The allegations made against David Koresh are unsubstantiated by many of the survivors of Waco. May I remind you they make the same allegations against Herbert W. Armstrong, and many other non-conformists.

One Islamic researchers which could give most Christian conspiracy theoriests a run for their money is Omar Zaid and his book, The Hand of Iblis.

To find out about the banking system, research Eustace Mullins.

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