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Saturday, 15 November 2014

We have to be "Zealots".

Some people may wonder why we expose the Jews when we have a high regard for the Torah and followers of the God of Israel? The reason is because the Jews are the trouble makers who throughout history have made alliances with Rome.

We have to be like the ancient "Zealots". This sect was the fourth sect of Judaism. They would have exposed their fellow Jews and accused them of being collaborators with Rome.

From Wikipedia:

The Zealots were a "fourth sect", founded by Judas of Galilee (also called Judas of Gamala) in the year 6 against Quirinius' tax reform, shortly after the Roman Empire declared what had most recently been the tetrarchy of Herod Archelaus to be a Roman province, and that they "agree in all other things with the Pharisaic notions; but they have an inviolable attachment to liberty, and say that God is to be their only Ruler and Lord." (18.1.6)

We hold the same spiritual values as the Zealots. We love liberty and desire the freedom to worship God. Our only acknowledgement is Allah, the one great God--the God of Israel.

The Prophet Muhammed is a good example of a Zealot. He fought mighty battles against the Jews in his day. He fought against tribes which caused him trouble. God is not a pacifist. He outlines for us the "Law of Equality" whereby we exact vengeance according to the ancient Torah law, "eye for eye". These laws applied to the Prophet Muhammed since he was under attack.

The Apostle Paul is thought to be a Zealot by some researchers.

The Jews do not follow the God of Israel. Less than ten per cent are Torah Observant. We are not to follow a race of people, a religion, or a nation. We should only follow the God of Israel.

Rich powerful Jews seem more interested in occult arts than the Torah. This can be seen by the things they promote, the lives they lead, and the images in the media. We can see this by the number of Jews involved in magic groups such as the Golden Dawn.

There have been reports of O.T.O rituals going on under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem reported by survivors of ritual abuse in America. What is happening in Israel? Why do the Jews permit this type of evil amongst their midst?

We have to be Zealots in our desire to follow God. Forget the Jews. Forget the nation of Israel. They are all in apostasy and some dabbling with dark arts. Their destruction is coming. The God of Israel will destroy that nation before the advent of Jesus Christ. We need to hope and pray that we are counted worthy to escape such punishments which are coming on the whole world.

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