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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dr. Rauni Kilde on Mind Control Weapons

Dr. Rauni Kilde is a Finnish physician, author and lecturer. She has been ,working on topics of parapsychology, ufology, alien abductions and mind control since 1982.

She has spoken out against mind control programmes in use today. The intelligence services of the tribes of Israel use technology which they beam on people to alter people, mind hack, change thoughts and read people's thoughts. They have the ability to upload all your memories into their computers so they can analise and see your whole life. Often people under this technology will receive voices to the head called synthetic telepathy. They remark on things about people's childhoods letting people know they full access to all the memories. Many people are placed on these target lists which they use now to dispatch people.

The tribes of Israel are today's harlot nations under the control of BABYLON which they claim is ZION. They plan to deceive mankind, and place humanity into a computer grid few will be able to get out of. Microchips will form part of this hell.

Dr. Rauni Kilde on Mind Control Weapons


The Jesuit order is behind "transhumanism". This is to change humanity forever. One scientist Robert White, who met the Pope, has been working on brain transplants between human and animals. In effect, putting the brain in another body prolonging the existence of a person.

The Jesuits work in neuroscience working on transhummanism and computer brain interface technology. The evil which is being planned behind closed doors would shock humanity.

Another part of their agenda is to mix animal and human dna. In the film below we see some real hybrids in the form of human and animals playing football at 15:26 They attempt to discredit it by placing an image beforehand which is clearly a computer generated image. So people will think the next bit of footage is made up. There is no bounds to evil.

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