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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Tragic Death of Charlotte Bevan

Charlotte Bevan was found dead with her baby in Bristol on 4th December 2014. She was apparently suffering from schizophrenia and depression which many believe led to her death.

She worked for a Charity, Good is Planet Earth which is campaigning to end the use of "neonicotinoid" which is causing the deaths of bees according to the research. They handed in a petition to the government calling for a ban on neonicotinoid. See Green Party article:

The charity provides a home for millions of bees to populate.

The very day her death is announced the Times Newspaper writes the article, Scientists accused of plotting to get pesticides banned which is a strange coincidence. The BBC reports one year, one third of the bees disappeared in the UK. There is an insidious agenda to eliminate the honey bee, to create a famine in the land. It's no wonder those struggling to save the honey bee will be unpopular as Judas.

Four scientists are accused by the government of trying to ban neonicotinoid. But the government upholds the view there is no link between the use of neonicotinoid and bee population.

Environmental campaigners are a favourite of MI5 and government surveillance. It is likely the charity was under government surveillance because its campaigning is against the interests of the government who do not want the ban.

An old woman was bludgeoned to death by MI6 who was a campaigner against nuclear energy back in the 1980s with neighbours overhearing them plotting how they were going to kill her. Her name was Hilda Murrell. See post:

It usually doesn't work out for many campaigners in the United Kingdom. Sara Payne whose daughter was murdered campaigned to bring in a new law called Sara's law. She ended up splitting up with her husband. Mr Payne went on to have problems with alcohol and found dead. Sara Payne now finds herself with a stroke. It is as if there is a hidden hand in the UK at work.

Whatever happened to Charlotte Bevan is a tragedy and hope that her family find some comfort that her life was not in vain, that she did everything possible to save this earth through her charitable work.

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