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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Two Miscarriages of Justice

We see time and again the same police detectives are placed on similar cases. Many believe 7/7 London bombings was a set up. The detective which gave evidence there later worked on the Lee Rigby affair. The detective who worked on the Shipman affair works on a similar situation with Colin Norris. These are strange coincidences. If one of the events that these detectives work on is a fraud then the chances are the other one is also.

Colin Norris is innocent of the charges made against him. Vilified as another Harold Shipman who went about murdering his patients under his care. He has been imprisoned and his mother campaigns for his innocence.


The other is Susan May who has since been cancered off. Cancer the weapon of choice also happened to Aaron Russo after he admitted the plans of the elite was to microchip the population.

Due to computer problems video will be uploaded later.

Anthony Steel was another falsely imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. It became a notorious victim of injustice made against West Yorkshire Police. Strangely he died of a heart attack shortly after being released in 2011.

Stefan Kiszko with a child's mental age was also a victim of injustice by West Yorkshire Police. He was set up to carry the can for a murder. He was released and died of a heart attack shortly afterward.

Susan May also died soon after being released but by cancer.

We know technology exists which can create heart attacks. The Russians use this technology since they developed it. The apartheid South African police used a drug to create heart attacks slipped into the food or drink of unsuspecting victims.

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