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Monday, 15 December 2014

Voice of God told Taxi Man to Murder

A taxi man heard voices which told him to kill a woman he had known some time. He was also diagnosed as having paranoid beliefs which he believed a group of men were out to kill him. Two other taxi men have previously gone on shooting sprees. For some reason this profession seems to be targeted.

The man's name is Martin Bell, went to court recently claiming diminished responsibility.

Serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe, also heard the voice of God, an echo he heard coming from grave stones, inciting him to commit acts of murder. He went on to murder prostitutes.

Whistle blower, Robert Duncan, stated there are secret Voice of God weapons which beam voices to people through radio waves. These are made to look like someone has mental illness. The Voice of God technology is highlighted in his book, Project Soul Catcher with countless interviews of Robert Duncan can be heard on youtube.

The UK government targeted Mohammed Asghar, a businessman who wrote to Tony Blair complaining about the Iraqi war. He soon began to hear voices from his satellite receiver. He received suicidal thoughts, now languishing in a Pakistan high security prison charged of blasphemy convinced he is now the Prophet Muhammed. Unfortunately most Muslims are not aware of these secret covert programmes and the technology they use against people. They may see the drones but they do not see the microwaves so it can be easily dismissed. See a blog post on Mohammed Asghar:

The fact he began to believe people were out to kill him is typical of a "targeted individual" programme. The programme starts by beaming voices from the sky to people. They pretend to be the police, a secret society, or intelligence agency, make a list of allegations, then make murderous threats. People under this usually end their lives after a short time and many are lucky to survive the first three months. The programme is an "assassination" programme as highlighted by Robert Duncan. It is designed to discredit and ultimately destroy targeted individuals.

Another trick of the programme is to generate murderous thoughts or wanton acts of violence into the minds of individuals. Many will act out what they have been told. This then leads the individual to the authorities to be dispatched as either mentally insane to be locked up for a long time, or they end up in prison for crimes they themselves did not commit, but the mind hackers did on their behalf.

The technology was worked on by Jesuits from Georgetown University and in particular The Temple of Set.

Research "targeted individuals" and "mind control" technology, Robert Duncan and Dr John Hall.

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