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Saturday, 14 February 2015

100s of Jewish Tax Dodgers Investigated by IRS

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, reported on 31 December 2014 in his sermon, The Future of The World and Jewish People, that the IRS is investigating top Jewish tax dodgers. Many are under investigation by the corrupt US administration. The Rabbi says it is a sin to hand over Jewish tax dodgers to the US authorities (14 minutes in).

Whilst most of us could only dream of having so much money that tax dodging becomes our main concern in life rather than our usual life concerns. Wealth, money and millions are mentioned in so many Rabbi sermons, only adding to the usual stereotype. But maybe the non Jews shouldn't be eve dropping.

The Jewish Rabbi knew in advance that authorities were clamping down on Tax Dodgers back in December 2014 with top Jewish names being investigated. But at least they can escape to Israel says the Rabbi.

Recently a document has been exposed, of 100,000 accounts with HSBC holding off shore accounts. It appears to be a worldwide clamp down on tax dodging. The Jews are being investigated by the IRS. In the UK, those who have bank accounts with HSBC have their details exposed in the media.

One such case is Paul Bloomfield. A Jewish tax dodger for over 20 years, owing the UK authorities millions in unpaid tax. With a wealth worth 60 million if not more, fled to Spain. (see article:

The banking system and world politics are controlled in the West by the Jesuit order. They obviously are taking down those who do not suit their agenda.

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