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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Free Jeremy, His Plight Often Remains Unknown

The media was set up to inform the general public but even fails to do that properly. Thank Allah for blogs. They are the unpaid reporters of our age. The plight of Jeremy Hammond is seldom known to many.

He was part of the hacking group, Anonymous, who hacked into the computer's of the firm, Stratfor, revealing that they have themselves been spying and using illegal activities to obtain information on human rights activists.

He was sentenced to ten years in prison and placed also in solidary confinement for some time.

His website is

The biggest crime goes unanswered. How are the intelligence services allowed to use microwave weapons on its citizens sending down particle beams that can spy on people inside their own house? Forget walls, they see right through them these days!

Under the surveillance my commerce site has been hacked into at least twice. The intelligence services are allowed to hack in to any website they desire. But we all know that they can do what they like.

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