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Sunday, 22 February 2015

God allows Evil in the World

With all of this mind control being done on the population we would be forgiven for thinking we are living in hell. That God does not exist that following his religion becomes almost meaningless.

God allows people to use technology against us. He does not stop it or really intervene. With so much suffering people endure how can God be loving?

God is the god of the two opposites. He creates good and evil. All good and evil comes from him. Nothing happens in the world without his divine permission.

The evil leaders in the world are appointed by God. We learn this from the book of Daniel where God raises up kings and puts down princes. Even King Solomon dismayed at God. Why allow all the suffering, all the evil, surely God has the power to stop it all. Yes, all evil could be stopped tomorrow if God really wished.

Why put evil people in power? True God puts them in power and removes them. God puts them in power to test mankind. We are not to follow their examples but to strive to live the way God wants us.

As hard as it may be to comprehend, Allah, is appointing a beast to talk to mankind (Surah 27:82). We know this beast will deceive mankind (Rev 13) because they have refused to accept the Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammed. God tells us he will test mankind by appointing a grand deception (2 Thess 2:11). A powerful delusion is deliberately sent by God to test those who hate the truth.

God uses the power of evil for his own purposes. It is to test the faithfulness of mankind. Those who overcome will inherit paradise and those who fail will end up entering the seven gates of hell.

We do not know why every evil act seems to happen to us and why we are seemingly not protected by God when these things happen. But we can be assured that one day the sufferings we endured will be forgotten.

There is a court system in heaven called The Sanhedrin run by holy angels. They discuss and pass sentences on mankind, this accounts for some of the bad things that happen to us. God sends judgements and punishments. The jinn listen to these court rulings so they know some of the future. So some of what we endure are heavenly sentences because of our sins. Kabbalah Rabbi's ascend into heaven to know this court rulings.

We can also be assured the more we endure suffering the lesser our punishments in purgatory after our lives. The greater reward we will endure. Suffering also becomes an atonement for our sins. Although it is difficult to endure one thing we can be assured God will catch up with the offenders -- they will eventually get back what they dish out. Praise God.

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