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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Targeted Individual's Testimonies

Targeted Individual's give their testimonies on the video below. These people are harassed by government programmes worked on by many people around the world. The ultimate agenda is to link human minds to computer interface technology being worked on right now. Evil intentions are being planned for humanity. Allah is greater than Rome whom works on mind control. May Allah intervene.

Roman Catholic, Ferdinando Cazzamalli, experimented with mind control technology. From Wikipedia:

They created equipment to measure ultra-high-frequency waves to explain the phenomena of telepathy as electromagnetic effects on the brain. Cazzamalli conducted experiments with a radio receiver enclosed in a Faraday cage, and came to the conclusion that there were paranormal phenomena.

In 2013 the system decided to put me under this targeting which continues to this day. The harassment is something out of a science fiction book. The technology is linked to satellites which are able to beam down on people, see, hear everything people do. Computer generated characters harass people, called chatter boxes. They are computer voices which becomes part of voice to skull technology. Read Dr Robert Duncan's book, Project Soul Catcher for more information.

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Listen after 40 minutes at

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