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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Targeting Continues - The two Blood Brothers Continue to Rule under Cloaks of Secrecy

The series of articles on Islam in the Good News magazine was not entirely accurate. Since 2013, the UK government placed me on a "targeted individual" programme, much of which is documented at and listing resources at

The latest attacks have been a brick thrown at the car from a bridge. And two times hacking into commerce websites so that now it is completely useless turning it into a blog. Two cars a year get written off statistically.

This led me to discover secret technology being used by the US, Israel and UK governments against their own citizens. Microwave weapons used to control thoughts, tamper with the mind and generally harass people in no fingerprint freak accidents. Those people suffering from this technology would do well to visit the Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance website.

Carl Clarke who worked for various intelligence spy agencies including Britain and Israel found himself monitoring far right groups reporting this back to Mossad breaking up people's lives leaving them economically destroyed. Later he found a conscience blowing the whistle on some of the goings on. He knew microwave weapons are used against people. According to his estimates, about 5000 people were put through the harassment programmes being handled by 15,000 staff a year in the UK. The numbers are probably far greater. He also ended watching someone for no other reason that they had the wrong DNA type. Read his interview at

It made me realise Zionism is the sick bed of evil. Our nations have the sickest and depravist of men in power who allow black magick occult groups to strive in the nations. The Jesuits thrown out by the Catholic church now rule America and Britain. Just research the men in power, many coming from the schools of Loyola. It was Napoleon who unbanned the Jesuit order according to Jesuit history who destroyed the Catholic monarchy over Europe who had previously banned the Jesuit order. Catholics do not escape the antics of this order.

The Holy Quran is the book in Revelation 10 sent down by an angel to mankind. It is an esoteric book which even members of the Theosophical Society studied. It shares concepts with the Jewish Kabbalah.

19 Prophets from the Scriptures are in the Holy Quran. Muhammed was from a Jewish Arabian tribe -- the Quraysh tribe. Documents are that there were at least 20 Jewish Arabian tribes in the area at the time of the Prophet. One third of the Quran contains information from Scripture and Jewish tales. Quran and Kabbalah agree there are seven earths, seven hells, and seven heavens.

Muhammed had black curley hair and a white complexion whose face shone like the full moon. Hardly an Ishmaelite despite what Jesuits teach.

Ramadan is the month of Elul. The Jumuah prayer is the Jewish minchah which the Talmud teaches us the Jews were forsaking on Fridays to honour the Sabbath.

The Night of Power in Islam is the Feast of Trumpets.

Islam today is a compromised religion much like Christianity and Judaism. The blood brothers have been pulling the wool off people's eyes for 1,400 years.

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