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Friday, 20 February 2015

UK Marie Kayali Talks with others on Electronic Harassment

Marie Kayali talks with other people who have been electronic harassment in the UK.


  1. Electronic harassment is zionist technology, which in ancient times was called 'demonology', where they use a supercomputer artificial intelligence (which isn't that smart btw, to harass you via infrasound/ELF/microwaves and brainwash you, especially via hypnosis). This technology was part of a previously advanced civilisation and the use of cell phone towers which have an ELF/scalar component, is kept hidden from the public for obvious reasons, so they can be manipulated without their knowledge. Zionist bankers fund this project, which is 50 years ahead of the admitted current level of knowledge, and this is used on a global scale to manipulate populations towards their desired end, to be as God.

    God does exist and we should not accept this abuse of technology.

    1. Stop shilling you filthy animal.