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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Website Hacked

No sooner did the website designer finish the job, the website was hacked by the people putting me under surveillance.

These people are charming as ever. The harassment never stops. Rather than find real terrorists they persist in harassing me with sci fi technology we see in the movies. They put laser beams on me and use voice technology to mind influence me whenever it is convenient.

Islam is fighting a real war for survival. The world in the West is run by dark powers. These people stop at nothing. Beelzebub, gave them this technology. He is working for the Temple of Set. No doubt he is working with other groups out there. The last war in their eyes is the control for the human mind. The soul of the individual.

Beelzebub is an arch demon in charge of Africa. No doubt he made an appearance when I was living in the country but his presence could not tolerate God's holy angels. He often spies and targets God's people, particularly those who would later adopt the Seventh day Sabbath.

The targeting continues. May God send his victory this year, which is the year of Jubilee, and the year of the sheep.

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