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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Passover Evening 3rd April 2015

The Passover service begins on the evening of 3rd April 2015.

A Passover seder is eaten Friday night to include a lamb dish. Sephardic allow rice with that which is our preference. We usually have a seder meal telling the story of the Passover followed by a lamb meal.

This year there is no holy communion because we do not accept the blood of Jesus Christ. He did not die on the cross. Instead we learn from the Gospel of Barnabus it was Judas who hang on the cross in his place. The world celebrates the death of Judas believing him to be their Messiah.

Wine used in the Passover seder should ideally be non alcoholic.

The Hebrew calendar is followed until corrected by the Sanhedrin or Two Witnesses whichever comes first. We have no authority to adjust the calendar until then. So whether we believe it to be inaccurate we have to accept it until then.

Our Passover becomes a celebration not a memorial. We celebrate freedom from Egypt and it becomes essentially a Jewish affair in its operation.

To learn more about the Passover, visit Chabad.

The Holy day dates:


Passover Friday night, April 3

Feast of Unleavened Bread: April 4-10

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