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Monday, 16 March 2015

The Real Prophet Muhammed

The real Prophet Muhammed is seldom revealed in the religious institutions or in the media. People believe the exact opposite of what the truth actually is. We have a Prophet given to us by a people who have turned him into their own image. Today the churches do the same to Jesus Christ.

Few delve into the Islamic literature to find the true Prophet Muhammed. It is time we blew the dust off our books and begin to see what they really say.

1. Prophet Muhammed Wore Fringes or Tassels

The Prophet Muhammed wore fringes. These are the tassels spoken of in the Taurat or Torah. The fringes are four strings attached to the four corners of the garment.

Chapter 20. Regarding The Fringe (On Clothing) 4075. It was narrated that Jãbir bin Sulaim said: "I came to the - -- Prophet when he was sitting with his hands around his knees and he had put the fringe of his garment over his feet." (Da'if)


The fringes are known by the Hebrews as the term for "tassels". They are commanded in the Taurat (Torah) for the people of Israel for all future generations. They were four strings blue in colour attached to the four corners of garments. Pray shawls were also used by the Hebrews which resembled the "abayah", a blanket worn by the Bedouins for the protection from the sun and rain which has black stripes at its ends.

The biblical command comes from Numbers 15:37-41:

"Speak to the children of Israel and bid them to affix fringes (tzitziot) to the corners of their garments... that you may look upon them and remember all the commandments of the Lord."

Jesus had a woman touched the hem of his garment (Matthew 9:20, Mark 5:25, Luke 8:43, Luke 8:44). This was his tassels or fringes.

The Prophet Muhammed claimed to have known about the Torah and Gospel. He confirmed both and so it wouldn't be unusual for him to adopt the religious practices of the Torah. All Prophets of God must confirm the Torah (Isaiah 8:14).

2. Prophet Muhammed Read The Stories of Israel

A far cry from Islam today who have banned the Bible in places around the world. Handing out a Bible at a local mosque could get a person arrested but most importantly seems to cause such great offence. Yet this was not the attitude of the Prophet Muhammed, he was schooled in the Taurat and Injeel (Torah and Gospel). Yet many of his followers could not list one book of the scriptures.

From the book of Knowledge, Hadith from David Solomon:

Chapter 11. Narrating From The Children Of Israel

3662. It was narrated that Abu : Hurairah said: "The Messenger of Allah said: 'Narrate from the Children of Israel, and there is no harm. (Hasan)

3663. It was narrated that 'Abdullah bin 'Amr said: "The Prophet of Allah used to narrate to us about the Children of Israel until morning came, and nothing would interrupt him except the obligatory prayer." (Da'iJ)

The stories of Israel contained in their sacred writings known as the Torah, and Prophets were read by the Prophet Muhammed and he also knew about a book called The Pages of Abraham. The early followers of Muhammed had more knowledge of the Torah, and Gospel than many adherents today. Muhammed had a respect for all the literature coming from God. He was not a Quran only Muslim.

3. Prophet Muhammed Judged According to the Torah

The Prophet Muhammed used the Torah to judge the punishment for committing adultery.

From Sunnah Abu David Solomon, book 5:

4450. It was narrated that AbU Hurairah - this is the Hadith of Ma'mar and it is more complete - said: "A Jewish man and woman committed Zinã, and (the Jews) said to one another: 'Let us go to this Prophet, for he is a Prophet who was sent to make things easy. If he issues a ruling that is less than stoning, we will accept it and plead on that basis before Allah, and say that it was a ruling from one of Your Prophets.' So they came to the Prophet , while he was sitting in the Masjid with his Companions, and said: '0 Abul-Qasim, what do you think about a man and woman who commit Zina?' He did not speak a word until he came to their school, and stood at the door, then he said: 'I adjure you by Allah Who revealed the Torah to Musa, what do you find in the Torah about the one who commits Zinã, if he is married?' They said: 'His face is to be blackened and he is to be paraded and flogged.' - Paraded means that the two adulterers were to be seated back to back on a donkey and taken around. -

A young man among them remained silent, and when the Prophet saw that he was silent he adjured him emphatically. He said: 'By Allah, as you have adjured us, we find stoning in the Torah.' The Prophet said: 'When did you begin to take the command of Allah lightly?' He said: 'A relative of one of our kings committed Zinã, so the ruling of stoning was waived in his case. Then a man from a common family committed Zinã and they wanted to stone him, but his people intervened and said: "Our companion will not be stoned until you bring your companion and stone him." So they reached a compromise concerning this punishment.' The Prophet said: 'I will judge according to the Torah.' And he ordered that they be stoned."

Az-Zuhri said: "We heard that this Verse was revealed concerning them: "Verily, We did send down the Torah, therein was guidance and light, by which the Prophets, who submitted themselves to Allah's Will, judged for the Jews". And the Prophet was one of them." (Daif)

The real Prophet Muhammed was a man who claimed to follow the same God has the people of Israel. There was no contradiction in reading the scriptures, the stories, and extra biblical literature. Our goal is to find the truth. The Quran helps our understanding on the existing literature.

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