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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Qatar is Jesuit outpost for West

Qatar is home to none other than Georgetown University. This is an arm of the Jesuit order -- they are a convenient spy apparatus for the West in the Middle East. They are able to infiltrate in areas where the Jews possibly get banned.

In the New York Times article, The Strange Power of Qatar we learn this Jesuit safe haven in the Middle East was behind the downfall of Libya - funding and arming the rebels.

The Jesuit cabal also allow a Middle Eastern Television station operating from Doha. Qatar being accused by many of being a pawn of the Western nations have stirred up conflict between nations in the Middle East.

From the article, The Strange Power of Qatar:

... the first time Qatar has been accused of stirring up trouble against entrenched regimes in the Middle East. As long ago as 2002, nearly every country in the Arab League had formally protested unfavorable coverage on Al Jazeera, and no fewer than six—Jordan, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Libya, and Morocco—had at some point withdrawn their ambassadors to Doha. “In the past, many Arab leaders didn’t even want to talk to me,” the Qatari emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, told the Financial Times in an interview last year.

Egypt knew about this Jesuit cabal ruling Qatar and sought to undermine its influence. Good luck Egypt, most of us Westerners are still clueless about them. Most know more about Big Brother than the Jesuit order.

From the article, we learn,

Egypt is determined to thwart every single initiative Qatar proposes during its current term as president of the Arab League, to include proposals that are in Egypt’s national interest…. The Egyptian DCM [Deputy Chief of Mission] said Qatar’s involvement in Sudan, Palestine, and Al Jazeera’s vitriolic broadcasts against Egypt were the main causes of Egyptian leaders’ ire, to include that of President Mubarak. Challenged to list actions Qatar had taken in Sudan against Egypt’s interest, Naguib readily conceded there were none. Qatar’s offense, he said, stemmed from the mere act of its mediation in Egypt’s back yard.

We learn "Qatar contains the principal overseas headquarters of the US military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) and was a key staging ground for the invasion of Iraq, it has also given support to Hamas and other militant groups."

America's military plans come from Qatar intended for other Middle Eastern nations. America funds Qatar even when the nation financially supporting Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups. Qatar is a terrorist state of America sponsoring Islamic jihad in nations which go against the Jesuit order of Georgetown. This evil horde of men, run our Western nations. Time to wake up.

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